UX Design, UI Design & Front End Development

06.2019 - today

I am working together with small & bigger clients as a UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer. I am supporting my clients throughout the whole process. From UX Design over visual UI Design to the implementation of websites.

IKEA food services

UX/UI Designer Freelance

IKEA food services is working on a service which allows customers to order food by using their smartphones. I helped the product team to refine and then transform a concept into a tangible prototype.

Tasks: UX/UI Design, Feature ideation, UI Design, Hi-Fi prototyping, Asset generation


UX/UI Designer Freelance

zDirect is a self-serve platform that guides Zalando’s partners through onboarding, assortment optimization, sales analytics, and growth opportunities, reducing Zalando’s administrative overhead at every contact point. Being part of the Product Design team, I supported two different product teams; sales & consumer insights. On a regular basis I conducted qualitative user & expert interviews in order to learn more about the gains & pains of the users. After synthesizing the findings I conducted ideation sprints, which helped us to find solutions for the identified areas of opportunities. Since we were also implementing a Design System (based on React.js Material UI Framework) it was easy to quickly create prototypes to run user tests. After a few iterations we took parts of the prototype which were validated successfully and implemented them in the MVP, which has been developed in parallel.

Tasks: UX/UI Design, Conducting user interviews, data analysis, conducting design sprints, prototyping, user testing, design system development, presenting insights in front of the head of product, collaboration in sprints with the developers

Bosch eBike Systems

UX/UI Designer Freelance

As the only ux designer in the product team it was my task to run an exploration phase to understand the user needs. I conducted qualitative and quantitative interviews with users & experts. Based on the insights I derived potential use cases. Creating process flows helped me to better understand the tasks the users might have. I developed a prototype with Framer, by using real data. This helped us to validate our hypothesis by conducting user tests. In the end I created a presentation deck with all findings which I successfully presented to the management.

Tasks: UX/UI Design, Conducting user interviews, user journey mapping, data analysis, ideation, prototyping, user testing, collaboration in SAFe with the teams & developers


Lead UX/UI Designer

04.2018 - 05.2019

I was working on software solutions consisting of various apps such as a Social Platform App where the company and every employee could share information, a Project Management App where the teams could plan, run and invoice their projects or a Employee Development App in order to track and measure my journey as an employee.

Tasks: Planning of the team, Ideation sprints, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Collaboration in sprints with the developers


UX/UI Designer

10.2015 - 03.2018

LIGANOVA is an internationally known brand retail company for brand experiences. I was working on many internal projects in the field of connecting physical spaces with digital experiences. One of the projects was Experience OS. It's a digital extension of the physical space. It enables users the seamless and easy transition from smartphone to physical locations just in line with their strive for the best products and services.

Tasks: Ideation sprints, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Collaboration in sprints with the developers

Design Hoch Drei

Junior Interactive Designer

03.2015 - 09.2015

We designed and implemented a presentation system for FESTO’s brand new industry 4.0 production hall.

Tasks: UX/UI Design, Prototyping, User Testing, Collaboration with the developers

Fraunhofer IAO

UX/UI Design Trainee

09.2013 02.2015

Trainee during my studies in the Human Machine Interaction department Tasks: Usability testing, Wireframing, Ideation, User Research