Julius Reinhardt
Digital Designer
doing UX, UI & Code

I am a multidisciplinary designer, supporting people & companies to bring their ideas to live, by approaching not only the user centered perspective but also the business & technological.

How I Work

With my approach I am following the common Double Diamond method. Just slightly modified. It is divided into 4 parts:

1. Discover

Starting to research in order to understand the user needs and behavior. Gathering insights about the topic and industry.

— Expert & User Interviews
— Industry Benchmark
— Definition of problem space
— User Journey Mapping

2. Define

Analyse and synthesize the findings in order to identify opportunities. Summarizing the results in order to align with the stakeholders.

— Key Insights
— How Might We - Questions
— Personas
— Use Cases / User Stories

3. Design

Ideating and designing concepts. Creating user flows and information architecture. Iterative user testing and refinement of concepts.

— Ideation
— Design crafting
— Lo-Fi Prototyping
— User Testing

4. Deliver

Testing the concepts and identify a final version. Creating final detailed designs. Generate all assets and handoff with engineers.

— Detailed Design
— Hi-Fi Prototypes
— Asset generation
— Handover to engineering