Julius Reinhardt
Digital Designer
doing UX, UI & Code

I am a multidisciplinary digital product designer helping people & companies (like Bosch eBike & Zalando) to bring their ideas to live. I solve problems by approaching UX methods and crafting functional UI’s. Oh yeah, and I code too.

Knowledge & Skills

UX Design
User Research
UI Design
Figma & Sketch
Frontend Development
Design Systems

How I Work

My preferred workflow is based on the Double Diamond. This process is based on the principles of Design Thinking. It's divided into 4 different phases. Besides problem solving, the process also focuses on problem finding. The process is never static. It's flexible and can have iterations at any time.

1. Discover

Starting to research in order to understand the user needs and behavior. Gathering insights about the topic and industry.

— Expert & User Interviews
— Industry Benchmark
— Definition of problem space
— User Journey Mapping

2. Define

Analyse and synthesize the findings in order to identify opportunities. Summarizing the results in order to align with the stakeholders.

— Key Insights
— How Might We - Questions
— Personas
— Use Cases / User Stories

3. Design

Ideating and designing concepts. Creating user flows and information architecture. Iterative user testing and refinement of concepts.

— Ideation
— Design crafting
— Lo-Fi Prototyping
— User Testing

4. Deliver

Testing the concepts and identify a final version. Creating final detailed designs. Generate all assets and handoff with engineers.

— Detailed Design
— Hi-Fi Prototypes
— Asset generation
— Handover to engineering