TechTalk Training




UI Design & Front End Development

Creating an all new Training Platform for TechTalk Austria.

TechTalk is offering high quality trainings for people who want to strengthen their skills in tech. Before I joined it was very time consuming to maintain the trainings and also not very intuitive to browse through the trainings as a user. To lower the effort needed to maintain the trainings and create a consistent UX for all trainings detail pages, I developed a new trainings platform.

Main focus, besides the design, was to lower the workload needed, to setup & maintain trainings and process the registrations. So one important topic was to structure the information in a proper way, since they also can have different parameters and the information of trainings also be used in different places.

The design should make it easy for the user to browser through the trainings, identify relevant information and sign up. So I created a consistent pattern throughout the platform.

Under the hood it’s using WordPress with a custom Theme built from scratch.