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User Research - UI Design - Development

I built an iOS App which tracks the air pollution.

The discussion about air pollution in Stuttgart is omnipresent. Located in a kind of pott and high traffic, Stuttgart is one of the cities with the most polluted air in Germany. The city started to roll-out the „Feinstaubalarm“ which is active on days with a specific weather condition which avoids the fresh air supply. During the „Feinstaubalarm“ you get a discount on public transport and car sharing services.

I started with a very simple website which shows the current value of the main pollutant Nitric Oxide (N02). Beside this small number, the entire viewport will be colored to give an additional expression of the value. To make it more human, i added a smiley which expresses the current value in a mood.

I built the app using the framework react.js. Since I have some front end skills it was easy to understand the syntax. The data was coming from a public API of the state of Baden Württemberg. When launched the App, it very quickly reached the top 50 in the category of weather.

Update: Unfortunately the API is no longer publicly accessible. That’s why I removed the App from the App Store. I am hoping to find an alternative APIs to bring back the App very soon.